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The Sneaker Fest is a movement that seeks to positively connect and indulge sneaker enthusiasts as well as promote the Sneaker Culture in Nigeria while inspiring the youths to be more creative and innovative towards self-reliance and a sustainable future.

Sneaker Fest is a Festival aimed at empowering youths through Fashion, Art, Music, Sports etc. The event is aimed at encouraging youths to be more entrepreneurial in their thoughts and aspirations especially as we had witnessed the mind state of our leaders in their reaction of denial to the happenings at the Lekki Toll Plaza in the just ended ENDSARS protest. It is evident that youth empowerment, change, good governance and development are not topics our leaders are willing to address. Thus, it is pertinent we as Professionals and Youths come together to celebrate yet inspire each other towards empowerment for self-reliance and nation building.

We intend to use fun and entertainment being the languages the youth understand to sensitize them on the need to engage more in personal / self-development as this could lead to empowerment and in turn, job creation and nation building. Majority of youths are unemployed and this is largely attributed to bad governance and lack of jobs. Sneaker Fest therefore intends to use its light and fun way to encourage youths to be more creative especially in their thoughts and ideas in order to create jobs for themselves and the next person beside them as this would lead to curbing unemployment amongst youths thereby reducing crime and advancing towards the much sought-after development.


  • To promote the Sneaker Culture in Nigeria
  • Stress on the need for youths to be more entrepreneurial in thoughts and action
  • Create a platform for Professionals to meet youths to educate youths
  • To bring together Sneaker lovers from Makers to Merchants / Resellers and the end users
  • Foster creativity in Fashion and break the “glass ceiling” restricting the use of sneakers and street wear for all events and outfits


  • To use entertainment and fun activities to engage youths and inspire them towards entrepreneurship to create jobs which will reduce unemployment
  • Network between Sneaker enthusiasts, youths in general and connect with Industry Professionals
  • Create a platform where industry professionals and youths meet to discuss on innovations
  • Connect Sneaker Fest tribe members to the best Sneakers vendors, collectors, and sneakers repairers
  • Foster a community of support for local Sneaker designers – offer Sneakers refurbishing and repairs tips